Two Ways Instagram Beauty Bloggers Can Monetize Their Livestreams

I see SO many Instagram beauty bloggers who are amazingly talented going live and sharing their amazing makeup talents and skills, yet the only thing I can think about when I see these lives is that they’re missing out on SO MANY COINNNSSSSS!

Listen, girl, I come from a background of digital marketing and small business consulting. And that means that my mind is ALWAYS thinking about ways to bring in more coinage.

It absolutely grieves my soul and spirit when I see aspiring beauty bloggers + influencers livestreaming with people just sitting there watching them do their makeup and they have NO way setup to monetize those views or their following…. Outside of maybe booking an appointment for their services or linking to their YouTube channel.

So sis, in this blog post I’m gonna share two ways you can turn your livestreams into MAJOR #beautycoins, or at least still be able to monetize them even AFTER your live is over just by making some tweaks to HOW you do your livestreams.

But FIRST, You Must Start Thinking Like Major Beauty Brands And Businesses!

When you’re building a personal beauty brand and seeking to increase your social media influence, there’s a few mindset shifts that you need to make if you truly want to build a brand + biz that’s gonna be sustainable AND profitable.

So, before I share the two ways that you can monetize your Instagram livestreams, I wanna spend a few mins going over the basics of what you need to have in place in order to start making real #moneymoves online, especially if you’re an aspiring beauty influencer + blogger who has the goal of building a full-time career from your passion.

When you see big beauty brands start a social media campaign to either promo a new product, event or idea they usually have a few basic goals in mind. Some of which may include:

  • Growing their IG followers
  • Increasing their engagement
  • Increasing their brand visibility

However, two of the main overall goals are to ALWAYS

  1. Grow exposure to their PERSONAL ASSETS
  2. Increase revenue

These two things are always gonna correlate and go hand-in-hand.

Now, you might be asking what a Personal Asset is….

Well, a personal asset is something that a person or business entity PERSONALLY OWNS that has a monetary value attached to it.

So for example: If you own a home, that your personal asset. If you own a car, that’s also your personal asset, etc.

Now, when you’re referring to a business entity or brand, they also have personal assets that they own.

Of which the main one is, their OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE OR BLOG!

A business’s website or blog is one of the main assets that they use to generate revenue for their company + brand.


Because they know that in order to sustain themselves as a business and generate CONSISTANT revenue, they need to own virtual assets that they can CONTROL.

So, with every major beauty brand you come across, regardless of how big or small their social media following is, you’re gonna always see them creating posts and content that direct their followers back to their personally owned assets (a.k.a. blog or website) so that they can increase exposure to their brand + products/services and grow their revenue.

Why is this important?

Well sis, the truth of the matter is that big beauty brands and major corporations understand that they don’t exclusively own their social media accounts.

AND they understand that social media is just a vehicle to drive traffic back to their personally owned + branded assets.

You see, in actuality, everyone who has an Instagram (or any other social media account), only co-owns their social media accounts with the creator of the site – that includes me, you, and big beauty brands. (Zuckerberg, anyone?). And they’re essentially letting us borrow space on their platform.

That means that when it comes to posting content on SM, you have to play by their rules. And whatever content you do post, once it’s published, it then belongs to them and they have the right to do whatever they want with it.

So if they want to censor your content because they feel it’s not “community friendly”, they can.

If they want to change their algorithm to limit your reach and make less of your followers see your posts, they can.

If they want to demonetize your YouTube videos because they deem your content as “inappropriate”, they can.

If they want to change their rules to make it harder for you to make ad revenue from your channel, they can. (You’ve heard about YT’s new 4k watch hours in 1 year requirement, right?)

If a hacker decides one day that they want to hack your Instagram, they can.

If they decide they want to deactivate or delete your account for no apparent reason, they can.

And there’s nothing that you can really do about it.

HOWEVA, if you have your own personal assets and you’re creating content on your social media to drive your following back to the assets that you can control, then NONE of that has to negatively affect you.

So, with that being said, if you’re an aspiring beauty influencer/beautyprenuer who desires to build a profitable brand + biz, you absolutely MUST have your own set of personally branded assets that YOU OWN, the first of which should be a beauty blog website so that you can create your own monetizable content on it!

Now, I won’t go into all the details about how to do that here in this blog post. But if you’re interested in launching your own beauty blog platform, you can check out my mini- course “The Beauty Blog Launchpad” (BBLP) or get access the official “6-Figure Beauty Blogger + Influencer Planner & Training”.

Alright, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get into these 2 livestream monetization strategies…

1.) Affiliate Programs

What is an affiliate program? Simply put, it is a partnership program.

There’s several major companies that have affiliate programs that their customers can join to be able to promote their products and get paid to do so.

So for example: If you love Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty cosmetics line, you can become an affiliate of Sephora and sign up to promote her product line.

As a Sephora affiliate, you’ll be assigned a unique link that you can use to promote products from the brand and whenever someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you’ll get paid a commission percentage of each product sale you make!

This is a simple, yet extremely effective way to make money for your beauty Instagram livestreams.

BUT, in order for this to work properly, you MUST plan ahead and determine the products that you’ll be using BEFORE you go live so that you can already have the product list and your corresponding product affiliate links ready.

So, let’s just say that you want to go live on IG and do a spring makeup tutorial or a “get ready with me” livestream. Instead of just going live with no monetization plan or strategy, you can take some time to create a quick blog post that lists all of the products that you’ll be using and also include your product affiliate links.

That way when you go live and people ask you what products you’re using, you can tell them to check out your post on your blog where you’ve already listed all the products, and when they go to purchase any of them, you’ll make mo-nay from all the sales! (cha-ching!)

Sis, I’m telling you right now, this is definitely one of the EASIEST ways that you can monetize your beauty livestreams (and your IG following in general).

And if you’re CONSISTENT and DISCIPLINED in making sure you take the time to do this before each of your lives, you can pull in an extra $500 – $1,000+ per month fairly quickly.

Now, I will say that in addition to having your own blog website, this is where planning out your content and social media calendar comes into place. So, if you’re not sure about how to do that, my blogger + influencer planner & training can help you map it out.

Also, Sephora, is just one of the MANY big beauty/makeup brands + companies you can partner with through affiliate marketing. And it’s not just limited to makeup. There’s also several hair companies you can become an affiliate of, as well as several clothing companies if you’re into fashion.

And the great thing about joining affiliate programs is that many of them don’t require you to have thousands of social media followers, whereas if you wanted to get sponsorships, they require you to have a pretty sizable following, among other stipulations. (BBLP also goes into detail on how to find these affiliate programs, BTW.)

2.) Have Your Followers Sign Up For Your Email List

This goes right back to what I said at the beginning of this post about having your own personal assets.

In addition to having their own personally branded websites, every major beauty brand + corporation has their own list of Interested Customers and Existing Customers.

Interested Customers are people that may be interested in purchasing a brand’s products/services, but hasn’t officially purchased anything from the company yet.

A person can be identified as an Interested Customer by signing up for a brand’s newsletter or signing up to get a free coupon code, etc.

And, Existing Customers are, of course, people who’ve already purchased something from the brand.

Each of these lists are personal assets the brand/company OWNS and CONTROLS.

And because they’ve used their social media platforms to drive their followers to their website to build up each of these lists, they have the ability to email and communicate directly with these people whenever they want to generate additional profits for their biz, WITHOUT falling subject to the limitations put on them by their social media accounts.

Now, if you’re an aspiring beauty blogger/influencer who wants to build a business around your passion, you MUST have this in place for your own personal beauty brand to have long-term sustainability AND profitability.


Because when you have your own email list of subscribers who’ve shown interest in getting direct communications from you, outside of social media, it’s significantly more valuable to you and your personal brand than just having general social media followers. (Remember you don’t own your social media, you co-own it.)

AND, just like with big beauty brands, you need to be continuously gathering a list of people who are interested in getting direct emails/communications from you because the people that subscribe to your list will be more willing to purchase any affiliate products or other offers that you may send them in the future.

Think about it, and be honest with yourself… haven’t you signed up to be on beauty company’s email list before, either to get promo updates or a discount coupon?

I know I have, and I’m sure you have too.

And even if we don’t use the coupon/discount right away, whenever a company emails us and we see they have a good sale/promo going on for a product that we want/need, we jump on the deal and make a purchase with them, right?

So, in actuality, this email list monetization method serves two-fold.

1.) It allows you to build another asset for your personal brand

2.) It makes it easier to make money on demand

If you at least have your IG livestream viewers/followers subscribe to your email list, when your live is done you can directly email them with your product affiliate links or a discount code that you have for a specific product you used so that you can bring in some #beautycoins, even AFTER your livestream is over.

And you’ll be able to send them future promos too,, whenever you want – just like the big beauty brands do. (#moneybagsondemand)

So then the question becomes… How do you get your followers to subscribe to your email list. And, how do you even create an email list in the first place?

Well, my friend… I’ll save THAT for another blog post!

In the meantime, if you’re ready to quit playing around with your beauty passion and really get serious about building a profitable personal beauty brand + biz that pulls in major #beautycoins, check out The Beauty Blog Launchpad and The 6-Figure Beauty Blogger + Influencer Planner & Training.

These two resources will help you get started the right way so that you’re setup to be profitable from DAY 1.


Making money from your Instagram livestreams (or just IG in general) is all about STRATEGY and conducting yourself like a REAL business.

As I covered in this post, first you need establish a solid foundation to build upon and start creating personal assets that you OWN and CONTROL (i.e. a blog website & email list), outside of your social media.

I also discussed how you can use Affiliate Programs as a simple way to start monetizing your IG lives so that you can begin diversifying your income. And with commitment + consistency, you can work your way up to a steady $500 – $1,000/mo with this method within a few months.

And, lastly, to further uplevel and increase your brand value, you need to start building your own personal email list of subscribers so that you can directly communicate with your following and send them any future promos you run so that you can make money on demand.

So, sis… If you desire to one day turn your beauty passion into a full-time career I urge you to start being more intentional with the content you create and begin putting these processes in place.

I always say that you should never put all of your eggs in one basket and you can’t depend on social media to feed you for the long-term.

Smarten Up. Level Up. So that you’ll always keep your #beautycoins up.

That’s it for this blog post!

Let me know what you think of it and post any questions you have in the comments.

To your fierce and overflowing success,

Toni Roberts, The Beauty Coin Coach

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Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts is a former Social Media Content Manager & Marketing Consultant for ELF Cosmetics, turned Beauty Content Income Strategist & Beauty Biz Blogger. Her company, Beauty Into Bank, LLC, focuses on teaching micro beauty influencers & aspiring beautypreneurs how to quickly grow their brand exposure, while building multiple income streams around their passion so that they generate passive income online and establish a profitable beauty brand + business.

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