Make Money On Instagram: 3 Things Beauty Influencers Need

Have you been wondering about how to make money on Instagram as a beauty influencer? I know that the image of making money online is super appealing, especially when you can earn a living by doing something that you already love and enjoy. And as a Beauty Content Income Strategist, my whole mission is to show you exactly how you can achieve that starting with the 3 tips I’m about to share with you in this blog post.


When it comes to making money on Instagram or on social media in general, many people think that you only need to have a YouTube channel or that they need to have get a ton of IG followers so they can land sponsorships. But sis, I’m here to tell you right now that ain’t the only way. In fact, there’s actually 3 majorly important things you need to start with BEFORE you even get to those other things I mentioned.

Click play on the video below to get more details on the 3 things you need to have in place in order to start making money on Instagram as a beauty influencer…

Here’s a brief summary of what I covered in the video:

  • Have A Place to Send Your Followers: This is so important when it comes to monetizing your social media presence. You MUST have a place that YOU PERSONALLY OWN to send the people that follow you on IG. This may be a website or a blog that you’ve created. Either way, you need to your own online platform, OUTSIDE of your social media accounts because you don’t own your accounts and your website/blog is going to be where you can create branded content that’s exclusive to you and where your followers will go to further engage with your brand AND drop off their beauty coins! You can read more about the importance of this on my other blog post here.


  • Build A List Of Super Fans – While it’s great to have followers on social media, it’s important to understand that you need to have a list of Super Fans that are really your ride or die supporters. Again, because you don’t own your SM accounts, simply relying on the power of your general following is leaving you vulnerable to the stipulations and changes that always happens on various SM platforms (i.e. algorithm changes, censorship, demonetization, etc.) You can start building a list of super fans by starting an email newsletter and inviting your followers to subscribe and when they do you’ll have a list of super fans that you can communicate with regularly and will support you in all your endeavors.


  • Have A Monetizable Offer – In order to actually generate income as a beauty influencer, you need to have something that people can buy from you. Whether it’s merchandise, products, or even an affiliate product, you MUST have a way in which your followers can PAY YOU.

Ready to Launch Your Beauty Influencer Biz & Start Making Beauty Coins?

You can actually get starting right now today with setting up and launching your beauty influencer biz and position yourself to start making money Instagram this week. Check out my Beauty Biz Launchpad, which will walk you step-by-step through how to set up your new online business so you can start earning money doing what you already love!

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Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts is a former Social Media Content Manager & Marketing Consultant for ELF Cosmetics, turned Beauty Content Income Strategist & Beauty Biz Blogger. Her company, Beauty Into Bank, LLC, focuses on teaching micro beauty influencers & aspiring beautypreneurs how to quickly grow their brand exposure, while building multiple income streams around their passion so that they generate passive income online and establish a profitable beauty brand + business.

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