3 Instagram Beauty Content Ideas & Methods You Can Use

Are you struggling to come up with Instagram beauty content ideas? If so, girl you are not alone!

This is one of the most common challenges I hear from my students + clients and if you’re a serious beauty content creator you know that being stuck or in a “content funk” isn’t fun and isn’t a place you can afford to be in for too long.

So, girl, in this blog post, I’m gonna help you out and share 3 simple yet creative ways you can come up with beauty content ideas and get your IG profile on fleek.

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Create An FAQ “Content Bank”

This first method is simple, yet extremely effective for coming up with great beauty content ideas and it is to refer to your FAQs!

Creating content centered around your FAQs is a great way to feed two birds with one seed because you can answer the FAQs you always get asked, while at the same time creating informative beauty content for your IG account that your followers will love.

I’m sure you get TONS of beauty questions as you go through your day and week from people asking about either your makeup, hair, or nails. I know you even get questions in your IG DMs and comments, right?

Sis, all those questions you get asked are a literal GOLD MINE for beauty content!

Even if you’re a beauty freelancer, I’m sure your clients are always asking you questions about what you used to create their looks and styles.

So to start getting ideas, begin writing down or copy and pasting the beauty questions you always get asked and put them in a notepad so that you can start what I call a “Content Bank”.

This will enable you to keep a running list of topics that you can pull from whenever you need beauty content ideas or inspiration.

My “Insta Beauty Content Planner” is the perfect resource to help you generate new content ideas and organize them so you’ll always know what you’re posting.

Use The Latest Beauty News, Events + Award Shows For Inspo

Now, girl, if you aren’t already staying on top of beauty news/trends for content inspo, you definitely should be!

There’s a ton of content inspiration within the beauty industry all around you. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and making sure to immediately act on content creation opportunities as soon as you see them emerge.

Also, beauty events are a fantastic source of content inspiration, like Beauty Con or The Essence Festival.

Often times you know way beforehand when a beauty event is happening so you can plan ahead and start creating makeup looks or hairstyles inspired by these events so that you can release your content right before the event happens.

If you plan and time your beauty content releases properly you can benefit from the social media buzz and use the event-related hashtags to boost your account exposure, following and engagement.

You can also use award shows as inspiration and create beauty content inspired by them.

For example: The BET awards just past and this was a great source of beauty content inspo and exposure because it’s a hot trending topic that always gets a ton of social media buzz.

If you’re a makeup or hair influencer, the way you could’ve benefitted from it was to create 2 or 3 makeup looks/hairstyles and post them as inspired looks that you would wear to the BET Awards if you were to attend.

And to further benefit from the show buzz, you could recreate 2 or 3 makeup looks inspired by celebrities that attended the show and then post them the day after it airs because the buzz will still be going and you’ll be able to get even more exposure.

Now, in order for a content creation strategy like this to work properly and get the most from it, you would need to plan ahead and pre-create/pre-film your makeup looks and have them ready to drop the day of, or during the award show event. That way you can use the event hashtags and have your related beauty content in the mix.

Use Trending Topics Outside Of Beauty As Content Inspiration

This is one of the most fun and innovative ways to come up with beauty content ideas because it allows you to really be creative and think outside of the box.

You may not realize it, but there’s a way to tie almost any topic back into beauty, regardless of how different the topics may seem.

You can even use football for beauty content inspiration and use the buzz around the Superbowl to get more exposure to your profile.

For example: If you know that the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots are going to play each other in the Superbowl. You can pre-create two different makeup looks inspired by each team’s colors in preparation to post the winning team’s look to your profile the minute you see which team won.

That way you can use the football/Superbowl related hashtags and benefit from the trending buzz around the Superbowl.

Sis, this works REALLY well and I’ve seen tons of girls do this and go viral, FAST!


So, girl, as you can see there are numerous ways to come up with IG beauty content ideas. It’s just a matter of tapping into your innovative creativity and being willing to think outside of the box.

There’s a few main things I want you to take away from this post:

  • Always keep your mind open to trying new things
  • Always keep your eyes open for opportunities to capitalize off of trending topics
  • Always, always, ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD and prepare your future content because you should be ready to be one of the first, if not the first, beauty influencer to claim your stake within social media trending topics.

If you need further help with planning out your IG beauty content, click here to download your IG Growth Resources from my digital store. There you’ll find my two pillar resources the “Beauty Niche Planner” and the “Insta Beauty Content Planner” to help you plan and create a solid beauty brand and IG content strategy.

That’s it for this post! If you have questions, please drop them below. Also, please share this post by clicking on the “share” buttons below if you found it helpful!

To your fierce and overflowing success,

Toni Roberts, The Beauty Coin Coach

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