How To Get More Engagement On Your Beauty Instagram Profile

So you’ve probably been putting in a TON of effort creating content for your beauty Instagram, but you’re wondering why you’re not getting the engagement that you think your work deserves.

Girl, I get it! I know how frustrating it feels to work really hard on creating content, only to feel like it’s going unnoticed.

So in this blog post, I’m gonna share how to get more engagement on your beauty Instagram profile, even if you’re just getting started or have a small following.

If you learn better through video, here’s a replay from my YouTube Channel of the livestream I did on this topic.

Actually Engage

The funny thing about Instagram (and social media in general) is that the majority of people aren’t actually social.

Everyone wants people to engage with their content, but no one wants to engage with other people’s content.

How does that even make sense?… It doesn’t.

Social media is actually a two-way street, and if you want to get people to notice your content and engage with it, you’re gonna have to be willing to make the first move AND reciprocate.

One simple way to do this is by scrolling through your IG feed at least 15 to 20 mins/day and actually taking time to engage and comment on your followers posts.

I would even suggest doing the same thing within a related hashtag in your niche. This will allow you to get on people’s radar and drive traffic back to your own profile and content.

Oh, and, don’t be afraid of directly asking people to check out your feed content within your comment.

Listen, sis, closed mouths don’t get fed, and if you really want engagement on your profile, it wouldn’t hurt to directly invite people to comment on your posts or check your website.

But you do it in a way that’s not spammy…

So for example: If you run a beauty blog targeted towards teaching moms how to beautify their lives through makeup, you can search through the hashtag #mommylife on IG and post a comment on pics that say something like this:

“Life can def be hectic when you’re a mom! When do you find time for yourself? I blog about beauty hacks for busy moms and just wrote a post that you might find helpful. It’s linked in my bio and I’d love to hear what you think of it. Let’s connect and chat more about it soon. Have a great day!”

You see what I did there?

I posted an engaging comment based on a related IG hashtag that’s within the audience that my “hypothetical” blog caters to. Within the comment, I asked a question to spark engagement and conversation.

Then I shared that I was a mommy blogger in the beauty niche and invited her to check out my recent post that could help her. Then in the last part, I invited her to connect with me (a.k.a. follow me) so we can continue the convo.

And there you go!

When you post comments like this on images that are actually within your target audience then it’s rather easy to spark more interaction on your IG AND get more engaging followers.

Post Questions/Fill In The Blank Posts

Another way you can get more engagement on your beauty Instagram is to pose questions to your followers or fill in the blank statements.

People are more inclined to comment on posts that ask direct questions, so be sure to incorporate a few ‘question posts’ per week into your IG posting schedule.

Such as: “If I were stranded in the desert and I only had ONE makeup product, it would be _________.” Or you could ask your followers to comment their 3 must have makeup/skincare products.

Posts like these will def spark engagement and you’ll be able to gain a bit more insight on who your followers are and what they value, which in turn you can use to create even more tailored content that interests them.

FYI, you’ll get a better response if you actually put the question on your post image instead of in your caption.

This will increase your engagement rate because it’s simple and easy for your followers to see and respond.

Direct Message Your New Followers

DMing your new followers is a great way to increase your engagement.

When you direct message your followers you should be aiming to make more of a personal connection with them, while at the same time encouraging them to check out your feed content.

One way I like to do this is to simply thank them for following me and then asking about what they do.

I’ll also mention that I’m a blogger and tell them that a bit about my latest blog post and where they can check it out at the link in my bio.

Now, this whole message is only about two sentences and it’s effective for sparking conversation, getting engagement on my posts, as well as getting traffic to my blog.

This works really well for getting your new followers personally engaged with you, instead of just letting them follow you and not reaching out to thank or acknowledging them, all while getting them to take interest in your feed/content.

Clean Out Your Ghost/Spam Followers

Now this is a big one and I was recently plagued by a HUGE influx of spam followers the other week.

In just a manner of 2 days I got just over 300 followers on my IG and after investigating the spike, I discovered that nearly ALL of them were spam/foreign accounts.

This seems to be a common problem on IG, especially within the beauty/fashion niche.

I was so incredibly irritated by this and I spent almost a full week going through them 1-by-1 to block them from my account.


Because spam followers are bad for your engagement rate.

They bring down your follower to engagement ratio because these are usually bots or inactive accounts.

However, I found that most of my spam followers were actually foreign accounts, that were based in Italy and Milan.

If you have an English/American account, having a ton of foreign followers that don’t speak English is bad for your engagement because they’re not gonna interact with your content due to one of 2 reasons:

1) they don’t understand your content or what you’re saying, or 2) most spam/bot accounts are actually foreign and they are inactive anyway.

So because of that, I highly recommend that you go through your followers to clean our your inactive, spam and Ghost followers.

You can opt to do this manually, which means going through each account one-by-one to block them. This option is more feasible if you have a smaller following.

If you have a larger following, you can download an app like Cleaner (only available on iPhone) to assist with this.

Include CTAs In ALL Your Post Captions

CTA is an acronym for “Call To Action”. Call To Action means that you’re instructing or directing someone to take a specific action.

This is important for increasing your engagement and when you start including these you can start seeing an improvement in your engagement fairly quickly.

Any type of post can include a CTA.

For example, if you post a summer lipstick swatches, in your caption you can ask your followers to comment their fav swatch, or their fav go-to summer lipstick shade etc. CTAs like that can encourage a good amount of conversation and discussion.

Also, it’s important to get your followers used to following your CTAs on a regular basis.

So you should be including them in ALL of your IG posts, or within most of them. Even if its just asking them to say good morning on an inspirational Monday morning quote pic.

This is a good habit to get into because your followers will get used to engaging with you on the regular and you’ll begin to cultivate a culture of back and forth dialogue with your audience.

Plus, any new followers you attract will just fall in line since it will already be apart of the “norm” for them as a new follower of yours.

Bonus: Join Promo Facebook Groups

If all else fails, join FB promo groups. These groups are great for connecting with other like-minded beauty lovers and they allow you to promote your content within the group in order to get more exposure and engagement.

These type of groups usually post weekly threads for promos on different platforms. And they normally require you to comment/engage with at least 5 other posts, if not all of the other posts linked on the weekly threads.

This type of engagement group virtually guarantees that you’ll get more engagement on your IG profile and content.

But as I mentioned before, you must be willing to participate and RECIPROCATE by engaging with other members content, otherwise you stand the risk of being removed from the group.

If you join these types of groups, make sure that they have an active community and have rules to streamline the promo process so that everyone in the group is getting engagement and support.

This method is a fail-proof way to get quick and consistent engagement, but I recommend only using this as a jump starter method and combining it with one or two of the other methods listed here to get the best results.

You can start by joining my Beauty Into Bank FB group, as it’s a promo and support group for beauty enthusiasts and aspiring influencers.

How Do You Get The Most From Your Instagram Profile?

So sis, I’m gonna keep it real with you.

While all of the engagement strategies I shared do work, they aren’t gonna be as effective if you have sub-par or mediocre beauty content.

I know that you love the world of beauty and that it fulfills you.

But in order for you to truly build a thriving beauty brand + business and grow your influence + following, you first need to ensure that you’re creating stellar content that your followers actually WANT TO SEE and serves them.

And girl, in today’s day and age creating engaging beauty content online that stands out and attracts followers can be a struggle.

Which is why I created my digital store filled with valuable Instagram Resources

The digital store includes “The Beauty Niche Planner”, which will guide you through defining YOUR UNIQUE niche in beauty. And “The Insta Beauty Content Planner” will show you how to create engaging Instagram beauty content that you’re followers will love.

Click Here To Shop These Instagram Resources & Learn More About How They Can Help You Level Up Your Beauty Brand.

That’s it for this post! Please drop me a comment to let me know what you think of this post on how to get more engagement on your beauty Instagram profile and the methods I’ve shared, or if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!

To your fierce and overflowing success,

Toni Roberts, The Beauty Coin Coach

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