How SUPA CENT Made Over $1 MILLION In 90 Minutes With The Crayon Case

Girrrlll, Supa Cent just smashed records! On Cyber Monday 2018, The Crayon Case CEO, Wuzzam Supa (Raynell Steward) made over $1 Million dollars in just 90 minutes during her holiday sale.

This is such an amazing win for her, but I’m totally not surprised because Supa is a beast when it comes to leveraging social media to market her brand and bring in sales.

If you’re a beauty business owner and you feel like this is something that’s out of reach for you, I’m here to tell you it’s not! As a social media and digital marketing consultant for over 13 years, I have some insider insights on how Supa was able to pull off such a record-breaking sales day like this. In the video below I’m gonna share my thoughts on the things that contributed to her success, and how you can model it in your own business.

Click play below to watch this in-depth video to learn more and get 10 Cyber Monday Sales tips…

Here’s a brief summary of the tips I covered in this video…

  • Identify Your Target Market – Make sure you have a deep and clear understanding of who your ideal customer is and what they want.
  • Create Quality Products to Serve That Target Market – Once you know what your target market is, create quality products that serve them and provides solutions to whatever problem/issues they face.
  • Consistently Post Engaging Content – Make sure you’re CONSISTENTLY posting content on your IG/SM that engages your followers/audience. It’s also important to post a MIX of content, not just sales content all the time (i.e. lifestyle, behind-the-scenes, etc.)
  • Cultivate An Engaged Tribe – Make a conscious effort to cultivate your tribe and build a culture of engagement around your brand.
  • Engage & Attract Similar Audiences – Identify other pages/brands that already have followers who are similar to the type of people who would be interested in your products and become very active in their comments/community to increase your brand/profile exposure.
  • Leverage Livestreaming & Video – You MUST be using some kind of video in your marketing efforts and content creations, especially livestreaming as it’s the most effective for turning followers into customers/clients.
  • Get Your Infrastructure On Point – Make sure that you have you have a proper infrastructure in place a have a FUNCTIONAL (not necessarily fancy) website.
  • Make It Easy For People To Pay You – PLEASE make it easy for people to pay you. Do this by clearly having your link to your website/booking page in your bio.
  • Capitalize Off Of Buzzing Trends/Events – This is essentially staying ready so you don’t have to get ready. Make sure you’re always ready to jump on hot sales days, or buzzing events/trends that you know would boost your profits.
  • Prep Your Audience For Upcoming Sales – Also make sure that you’re prepping and priming your audience/followers for your upcoming sales so they know before and can have their coins ready to spend with you.
  • Make Sure You Have A Good Team – Lastly, make sure you have the right team in place to support you. You need to make sure that you’re able to handle/fulfill the increase in business you’re expecting to receive.

Want More Detailed Help With Implementing These Tips In Your Beauty Business?

Be sure to check out my Booked N’ Paid training located in my IG Resources digital store, specifically for beauty retailer and beauty freelancers. In this 2-hour training, you’ll learn all you need to know to post more attractive and engaging content that converts your followers into customers and clients, as well as how to properly use hashtags to grow your account so that you can start using IG to boost your beauty profits!

Toni Roberts, The Beauty Coin Coach

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Toni Roberts

Toni Roberts is a former Social Media Content Manager & Marketing Consultant for ELF Cosmetics, turned Beauty Content Income Strategist & Beauty Biz Blogger. Her company, Beauty Into Bank, LLC, focuses on teaching micro beauty influencers & aspiring beautypreneurs how to quickly grow their brand exposure, while building multiple income streams around their passion so that they generate passive income online and establish a profitable beauty brand + business.

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