3 Instagram Beauty Content Ideas & Methods You Can Use

Are you struggling to come up with Instagram beauty content ideas? If so, girl you are not alone! This is one of the most common challenges I hear from my students + clients and if you’re a serious beauty content creator you know that being stuck or in a “content funk” isn’t fun and isn’t… Read More

The Purpose Beyond Beauty Chat, Featuring @ShawanaV | Host @imtoniroberts

Heyyy Banked Beauties! Today I’m SUPER excited to share the first episode in my new series, The Purpose Beyond Beauty Chat! Our featured guest is the fierce, bold, beautiful and amazingly talented, ShawanaV, of the brands Hello Purpose and Makeup & Ministry. I stumbled across her Instagram a couple of weeks ago and as soon as… Read More

Two Ways Instagram Beauty Bloggers Can Monetize Their Livestreams

I see SO many Instagram beauty bloggers who are amazingly talented going live and sharing their amazing makeup talents and skills, yet the only thing I can think about when I see these lives is that they’re missing out on SO MANY COINNNSSSSS! Listen, girl, I come from a background of digital marketing and small… Read More

How To Get More Engagement On Your Beauty Instagram Profile

So you’ve probably been putting in a TON of effort creating content for your beauty Instagram, but you’re wondering why you’re not getting the engagement that you think your work deserves. Girl, I get it! I know how frustrating it feels to work really hard on creating content, only to feel like it’s going unnoticed. So… Read More