3 Income Streams That Will Get Your Beauty Business Plan On Rihanna Status

So, it’s a new year girl, and you and I both know that there’ s no better time to start developing a new beauty business plan than now.

But, is the plan that you’re mapping out really going to get you to your income goals this year? 🤔

I’m sure you’ve heard before as an entrepreneur that you need to have multiple income streams, and that’s very true.

HOWEVA, in my years as an entrepreneur and biz consultant, I’ve learned that it’s best to create multiple income streams in the 3 specific income categories so that you’re never relying on one type of income stream to feed you and pay the bills.

Those 3 categories are:

  1. Active Income
  2. Leveraged Income
  3. Passive Income

In this blog post, I’m gonna walk you through these 3 types of income streams, as well as give you examples so you can comprehend how they work and why each category is important.

And I’ll conclude it with a break-down of how Rhianna incorporates each of these categories in her income portfolio and where you can get guidance on implementing them into yours so that you flawlessly optimize your beauty business plan for success.

Active Income

The first type of income stream your biz plan should include is Active Income (a.k.a “your right now money”). This is the income stream that every beautypreneur or freelancer (or any human who works a job) starts out with.

So what is Active Income?

Active income is the type of income you generate from actively providing a service of some sort.

Or in other words, it’s the income that you make from giving your time, skills or services in exchange for mo-nay.💰

So by that definition, that means that the job that you’re currently working is active income because you’re actively giving something of yourself for a paycheck.

Likewise, if you’re a beauty freelancer who provides makeup, nail, hair, skin, or styling services, etc., that is also a source of active income.

Now, Active Income is a necessity for all people to have to make a living. But, it’s especially important when you’re still in the beginning stages of developing your business and brand because that’s the income that you can count on right now to pay your bills.

And you def can’t be out here trying to build an empire with the lights turned off and no running water, right? 😉

Not only is Active Income great for helping you to sustain and maintain your means of living, but any excess money you have left over can be used to fund the other two income streams I’ll be discussing later on (Leveraged & Passive income).

Now, most people think that in order to really make bank or to get to the next level in their business, they need to have several sources of active income.

But that’s not true, sis!

Listen, you’re not gonna get to where you want to be in your beauty biz by spreading yourself too thin and burning yourself out. Which is what you’ll do if you try to actively juggle too many things at once.

The key to really making bank in business is to work smarter, not harder.

However, I understand that sometimes money can get tight and you need to up your hustle. But I wouldn’t recommend that you have more than 2 sources of active income at a time. One being your regular job and the other being your freelancing.

And if you need to, you can work on bringing in more clientele or upselling your existing clients into VIP subscription services to secure your active bag. (More details on how to do that coming in a future blog post, stay tuned. 😉)

Once you know what your active income sources are, you can then start mapping our your Leveraged Income sources.

And this is where things really start to get fun…

Leveraged Income

Now, your Leveraged Income source(s) is what’s going start supplementing the income from your active income sources.

And, if you want it to, can eventually completely replace your need for active income. Or at least be the income stream that enables you to bring in the extra money you need to finally be able to quit your 9 to 5 job and go full-time in your beauty biz.

So, what is Leveraged Income?

Leveraged Income is where you do the work once and you get paid repeatedly for doing the work.

It essentially allows you to generate money from several people all at once, over and over again. It also allows you to provide information or products on a massive “one-to-many” scale, rather than individually or one-on-one. For example – when an author writes a book once, they get paid every time the book is purchased.

Now since you’re a beauty service provider, let’s look at leveraged income in a more relatable example…

Let’s say you’re an MUA and you want to host a live class to teach people the basics of makeup. So you decide on the ticket price (let’s say $97), get a flyer made and post it to your social media and your followers start to purchase tickets. If 50 of your followers buy tickets to your event, you’ve just generated $4,850 in extra coinage! (And this is in addition to your active freelancing services.)

BAM! You’ve created an extra $4K+ in leveraged income for yourself.

You see where I’m going here?

In the beauty freelancing business, the process of creating leveraged income happens when you begin to move from the position of actively rendering your service, into the position of teaching other people how to do what you do. Or you can create leveraged income by developing products. (I’ll go into more details on that a ‘lil later.)

Now, the example above of hosting a live seminar is just one of the ways you can create leveraged income. (And on a sidenote: instead of a live seminar, I’d actually recommend live webinars, they’re cheaper, easier to do, and more ppl will buy tickets to attend.)

There’s several other ways you can make leveraged income, but the concept is always going to remain essentially the same, in the sense that you’re providing a “one-to-many” service, product, or learning experience, instead of physically providing a one-on-one service.

The benefits of incorporating leveraged income stream(s) into your beauty business plan, include:

  • It allows you to bring in more profits in less time, as opposed to active income methods where your income is limited by time restraints and the number of people you can physically service in a day (or in a given time frame).
  • It allows you to monetize your intellectual property and knowledge to educate and teach people who want to learn via a live and interactive platform. As well as add another layer of “service” to your portfolio in the sense that you’re providing an educational service to people who want to learn from you.
  • It’s cyclical! Which means that it’s recurrent and can be done over and over AND OVER again. (So from the example above, if you want to hold a live webinar that brings in an extra $4K+/mo on a different topic every month, you can!)
  • It gives you income flexibility and a level of stability, in the event that you have clients cancel on you, client bookings are slow, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

In my last blog post, I actually covered 7 different ways to generate income from your beauty skills. Complete with examples of real-life entrepreneurs who were currently implementing them in their business. (The live seminar method is #3 on that list.)

Leveraged income is a very fun, effective and low-stress method to boost your biz profits rapidly. But you absolutely must map out exactly how you plan to develop and execute your process. And to be honest, there’s a lot that goes into that.

Later on in this post, I’ll share more details on how you can get help with this. For now, let’s move on to my absolute fav income stream…

Ready To Launch Your Beauty Biz + Brand?

Passive Income

Now, passive income is one of my most favorite income streams and every beauty business plan needs to include at least one passive income stream method in order to have a solid and profitable business that’s sustainable.

What is passive income?

Well, sis, passive income is receiving income from assets you have created or purchased. In other words, it’s income you make that doesn’t require you to actively be involved on a day-to-day basis.

Now, when most people think of passive income, they think of residual income from real estate or rental properties. But I’m here to tell you that’s NOT the only way to make passive income.

In fact, you don’t even need to be an RE investor to make passive coins. All you need to do to make passive income as a beauty freelancer is to package up your intellectual property (a.k.a your beauty knowledge) and sell it as a digital product (DP).

For example: Let’s say that you’re a bomb ass wig-maker and you can make a frontal look real AF. (Like, where’s the lace bish? 🤷🏿‍♀️ 😉)

And your clients, IG followers, or YT subscribers are always asking you about how you make your frontals looks so realistic. Well, instead of creating one ‘lil video about “How To Make Your Lace Frontal Look Real AF” on YouTube. A smarter biz move would be to create an entire e-course about how to create professional, high-quality wigs.

You could spend a few weeks recording some really in-depth and detailed video tutorials that goes through the entire process of creating a wig step-by-step, upload it to a private platform, put a price of say… $37 on it, and then SELL it to your followers.

If you get just 25-30 people per month to buy your DP from just posting a few promo posts on your SM every month, that’s about an extra $1,000 per month.


Now you have a digital product you created where you teach your most valued beauty skillset that you can put on your website for sale. (BTW, if you don’t have a website, girl you need one. 👀 Here’s what I recommend you get one started with.)

There’s SO many reasons you need to include a passive income stream into your beauty business plan, like:

  • It allows you to generate continuous #beautycoins from your intellectual knowledge, over and over again, and you only had to put in the work to create it ONCE.
  • You don’t have to be actively involved in the delivery and fulfillment process IF you set it up properly. (There’s a blog post coming on this soon, stay tuned.)
  • You can create “set it and forget it” systems and sales processes that will allow you to automatically market and make sells of your digital product, which means your profits can quickly increase, INDEPENDENTLY from the number of clients you service on a month-to-month basis. #beautybossstatus

Listen, girl, when you set up your business model like this, especially your leveraged and passive income streams, it can literally be like collecting royalties on RiRi status.

Getting Your Beauty Business Plan On Rihanna Status

So, as I promised, let’s go ahead and breakdown some of Rhianna’s business income streams so you can truly see this concept in action and just how genius it is.

Okay, so the 3 income stream categories are Active, Leveraged, and Passive.

So we’re gonna start with Rihanna’s Active Income streams.

Remember, active income is defined as exchanging time, skills or service for money. So in Rhianna’s case, her active income would be (1) the time she spends in the studio recording and (2) the time she spends making music videos.

Here label pays her to get in the studio and record new hits and albums, right? They also pay her and give her a budget to film awesome videos to go with her songs.

So that’s how Rihanna makes her active coins.

Now, what about her leveraged income?

Well, there’s where her bomb ass concerts and tours come into play, boo!

Remember, leveraged income is defined as a “one-to-many” model, where you make money from several people all at once. And in Rihanna’s case, her concerts are the ultimate leveraged income.

Tens of thousands of her fans happily pay to see her slay on stage and they get their entire life for 3 to 4 hours filled with awesome music and entertainment.

Another source of Leveraged Income for Rihanna is her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. This is called product-based leveraged income because she developed a beauty line, branded it under her name, and then made it available for thousands of people to purchase over and over again, in unlimited amounts.

Alright, so what about RiRi’s passive coins?

Well, that’s where her music royalties comes into play! (Lemon, anyone?)

Earlier I defined passive income as receiving income from assets you have created or purchased. In Rihanna’s case, here music is her creation and the royalties she gets from it are her passive bread ‘n butta! AND it’s where the bulk of her income comes from.

All she has to do is create a new song, go into the studio and record it once, and then that song can be distributed to thousands of radio stations all around the world and she’ll get paid residual royalties every time it’s played.

Her fans know that they can always count on her to drop a hot hit and they gladly pay streaming services for the ability to access or download her music whenever they want, which she gets a cut of too BTW.

Rihanna would not be able to sustain herself and have the freedom to create her amazing Fenty Beauty line, do elaborate photo shoots to promote it, or spend time with her new bae if she didn’t have residual passive revenue coming in from her music royalties to sustain her growth and expansion.

Think about it. All of your favorite music entertainers – Beyonce’, Nikki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan – make the bulk of their income from passive residual revenue.

In fact, it’s how most of the wealthiest people in the world make their money. Because creating branded intellectual properties that YOU OWN that will generate guaranteed income that you can count on every month is one of the most valuable assets you can build.

And it’s even better when you can passively earn it by just doing what you already love.


You can create a beast of a business just like Rihanna has, by simply opening your mind to think outside of the box and diversifying the way your clients and followers access your service, skills, and knowledge.

All while still doing what you love and having the freedom to hang out with your significant other, lounge on the beach, or staging elaborate photo shoots for your new makeup line. 😘

The sad thing about most entrepreneurs (and just people in general) is that they only have one source of income – Active Income, and that’s it!

Sure they may have some savings, a 401K, or an IRA setup somewhere collecting some passive interest. But just banking on that and relying on your job income or the money you make from your “side hustle” isn’t gonna cut it in today’s economy.

Income stability is what happens when you create a business plan and model that incorporates these 3 income streams.

All of the sudden, you can keep making reliable money from providing your fierce talents and sharing your knowledge, while building a sustainable and income-diversified business that eliminates the worry of if you’ll be able to cover all your bills or provide for your family.

Sounds good, right?

Believe me, it is.

Not to mention the quick boost in profits you’ll get from your existing following, without having to hustle and grind all the time.

Creating Your 6-Figure Beauty Business Plan

The reason I started my company, Beauty Into Bank, LLC, and this blog is so that I could share my business and marketing knowledge, and help talented beautypreneurs just like you build a profitable 6-Figure business.

I truly believe in you and your talents and I’m committed to doing all that I can to help you make the transition from being a beauty freelancer to owning a beauty business empire as seamless as possible.

I know you see all of these popular beauty freelancers, vloggers, bloggers and YouTubers on social media out here living it up. And you probably think that you need to have their brand deals, thousands of followers or popularity in order to really start making the type of income you want, but I’m here to tell you that,  YOU DON’T.

All you need is marketing education and a solid business plan and strategy in order to really start building a profitable beauty business that will give you the freedom to financially thrive within your passion.

To help you with that, I created a FREE 6-Figure Beauty Biz Planner you can download that will help you get started mapping out your business model and income streams TODAY.

Plus, you’ll get an extra 5-part email series to help you get clear on your income goals and identify the right Active, Leveraged and Passive income streams for your personality and brand.

Click here now to sign up and download it FREE today and I’ll see ya’ on the other side!

To your fierce and overflowing success,

Toni Roberts, The Beauty Coin Coach


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