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Sis, if you’ve been struggling with building your beauty brand, growing your influence, or monetizing your social media, you have found your solution! Here you’ll find the proven business resources and income strategies I’ve mastered over the past 13 years as a marketing consultant that you can use to build a Purposeful, Powerful, & Profitable Beauty Business!



Are you ready to boost your Instagram influence and create attractive beauty content that your followers will love to engage with? Then our digital store is just for you! It includes a suite of amazing resources like the “How To Use Hashtags To Grow Your Beauty Account” video training, which shows you exactly how to strategically use hashtags to attract more followers and get more engagement on your content! And ‘The Insta Beauty Content Planner’ to help you map out your Instagram Beauty Content and Posting Schedule.

“Toni, I have gone through two of your training webinars and they were exceptional! I have gone through my share of webinars these past few years and I have to honestly say, hands down, you are in my top 3 for best trainer/coach/influencer. Your webinars over-deliver in value and by the end of them I’m left feeling like I have a real action plan and I can actually make progress instead of feeling like there is something missing and lost to what my next step is. You not only tell us what needs to be done, you show us how to do it.You genuinely want to see your tribe win and it shows. I’ve only met you 5 days ago but you have made a huge impression. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for being such a blessing.”

~ Natalie J.



Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to go about building your beauty brand, creating your social media/blog content, or increasing your income? Then a personal Clarity Call with me may be just what you need! I would love to listen to what your individual challenges are and discuss how I can help you overcome them so that can you have the guidance and confidence you need to slay your business goals!

“I watched the training and I must say you are truly an Angel sent from God…I teared up a little because like so many others I too have been struggling to figure this industry out and it has been really difficult. I’ve even questioned myself like is this really for me…maybe I should be doing something else. Then your page popped up in my timeline and I began to have hope again!… I’m sooooooooo excited! Before I found you I prayed and asked God to bless me with abundance this year and I truly believe I’m on my way!!! Thank you so much Toni!!!”

~ Crystal C.


“A round of applause for Toni Roberts, please! I’ve only known Toni for a few weeks now and attended two of her trainings but this lady and her marketing strategies are a Godsend. I implemented just ONE of her tips and got the most likes and inbox messages than I’ve ever received concerning my business. Toni has an abundance of information that she doesn’t mind sharing and her trainings are golden. Not only is she kind and patient in her delivery of the material but she shows you how to carry out each task step-by-step. She’s an answer to my prayers and I’m looking forward to learning more. I finally feel like I’m on the right path to my vision!”

~ Lakeisha M.



Have you been wishing for a way to turn your love for beauty into a full-time business?

Are you tired of working your butt off consistently creating innovative content, blog posts, beauty looks, and makeup/hair tutorials, but you’re not seeing the growth, income, and recognition you know you deserve?

As a blogger and online entrepreneur herself, Toni understands the frustration that comes from pouring your all into your passion, only to see the fruits of your labor fall short of your expectations. She also knows what it feels like to slave away at a job you hate, being overworked, underpaid and unappreciated.

Here’s her story…

I started my company, Beauty Into Bank, in January 2018, right after I had an epiphany about what my true calling was in life. For years I’ve immersed myself in the world of digital marketing, branding, and online business development.

And, girl, let me tell you… it hasn’t been an easy ride at all.

I’ve made countless mistakes, had numerous failures, and just felt like giving up more times than I’d like to admit. But there was always something within me that just wouldn’t let me completely turn my back on my dream of one day being my own boss and having a successful brand + business I could call my own…

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